General Grant Guidelines

1. The organization must have 501( c )3 status and is eligible to apply no more than
once per calendar year.
2. The organization’s primary service area must be in Monroe County, Michigan.
3. The project for which funding is sought must directly and primarily impact
4. The organization is eligible to seek funding for programs that fall under at least
one of The Philbeck Foundation’s four focus areas.
5. Grants are awarded twice per year, in July and January. Grant applications are
accepted in June and December. Applications submitted outside of this time
frame will not be considered.

If you understand the general grant guidelines and believe your organization to be eligible to submit an application, please complete the online application. APPLICATIONS WILL ONLY BE ACCEPTED WHEN SUBMITTED ONLINE. Applications submitted via other avenues (U.S. mail, email, etc.) will not be considered.

Grant Applications are

Currently Open

Accepting Applications June 1st – June 30th  2020

The Philbeck Foundation

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